J&D Vehicles is owned and run by John Yates. John has a passion for cars and has been in the business for over 26 years.

All our staff are highly trained in all the latest techniques and offer an efficient, friendly and above all professional service at all times. You will find that our staff are ready and willing to share their valuable experience and advice with our customers, helping you every step of the way.

Your BMW vehicle is a masterpiece of technical wizadry. As you would expect, maintenance and repairs should be performed by qualified and experienced technicians. We have the skills and equipment to repair and maintain today's highly sophisticated vehicles.

Let us treat you and your car with the respect it deserves. Call us now for a free estimate.
    What we are NOT -
    What we ARE -
  • We do not claim to be a BMW Dealer
  • We do not have a small coffee shop
  • We do not have state of the art Televisions
  • We have not spent millions on a fantastic office
  • We do not wear suits (unless you invite us to a wedding !)
  • We do have lower running costs
  • We do offer a good service
  • We do have a building that is economical to maintain
  • We do have a kettle and tea bags
  • We do care about repairing your car to the best we can
This all adds up to Great Savings on Dealer Prices
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